What is the CCSS Board of Directors?

The board of directors is a group of elected students who work with Carleton’s School of Computer Science to organize and run events, services, and other activities for the benefit of the undergraduate computer science student body.

The board consists of the following six positions:

President: Is responsible for leading the ideation and planning of the year while acting as the figurehead of the organization and a liaison between students and the School of Computer Science.

Vice President: Is responsible for assisting the president in defining the organization’s goals while guiding the work of board members and ensuring a healthy work environment.

Director of Finance: Is responsible for ensuring the transparent allocation of funds and overseeing the organization’s financial operations.

Director of Social: Is responsible for leading the preparation and execution of the year’s social event itinerary while encouraging our members in fostering meaningful relationships.

Director of Academics: Is responsible for advocating for the academic interests of our membership while supplementing course material to ensure students achieve academic success.

Director of Community: Is responsible for leading initiatives to further grow Carleton’s computer science community while fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for our membership.

Members of the board are elected by the undergraduate computer science student body for a one-year term.

How do I run for a position?

If you want to run for a CCSS Board of Directors position for the 2023-2024 academic year, please complete the nomination form here and collect three signatures from valid computer science students (collected on the nomination form).

The Nomination Form will close on Sunday, February 19th at 11:59 PM EST.

Here is the breakdown of this year’s electoral period:

  • Nomination Period: February 1st - February 19th
  • Campaigning Period: February 17th - March 10th
  • Voting Period: March 13th - March 17th

For further election details and rules, please consult the Writ of Election and the Electoral Code.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Electoral Officer via email at elections@ccss.carleton.ca.

Thank you and good luck!