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First Year Representative Platforms

Written By: Victor Li

First Year Representative Nominations

We are excited to introduce you to this year’s First Year Representative candidates. Campaigning will last from September 18th - 22nd and voting will take place September 25th - 27th!

Platforms on this page are ordered at random on refresh to ensure fairness.

The Candidates are:

The Campaign Platforms:

Aditya "Jacc" Padmakar


Hello everyone! My name is Aditya but my friends call me Jacc. I’m an international student from India and while I’m not currently in a stream, I’m considering minors in Law and Physics. You may know me as the owner of the “Carleton Class of ‘27” discord server. I have been running informational and social events for incoming first-year students over the summer. I have also been volunteering with the CCSS for the last few months to create a new resources section of the CCSS website.

As a first-year student representative here is what I can do for you.

🧑‍🎓 Student-led presentations 🧑‍🎓

As first-year students, I’m sure you have questions about Carleton, and how future years of schooling will look. I plan to have some upper-year CS students hold presentations on a variety of topics such as co-op experience, internship experiences, and more. These events would be a great way to express concerns for the future and learn necessary skills for the future.

💻 CS opportunities at Carleton 💻

I plan to promote opportunities that will help students gain relevant experience through programs such as the DSRI, I-CUREUS and SaPP. I also wish to bring in people to share their experiences with these programs and advise those who wish to pursue these programs themselves.

📋 More volunteer opportunities for students 📋

I will create more volunteer opportunities and streamline the process of getting involved with the CCSS to allow more people to get CCR credit.

🤝 Collaborating with other clubs for events 🤝

I will plan collaborative events with other Carleton clubs to add diversity to the events that the CCSS runs. This will create more volunteer opportunities for students. Lastly, it is a great way to meet people outside your social circle.

🎉 Interactive social events 🎉

I will host a variety of social events where students can socialize with each other, as well as personally talk to me about any suggestions or concerns they have in a casual setting.

In addition to these plans, I will also focus on:

Organizing group study sessions and creating more academic resources. 📚

Compiling a library of peer-reviewed online resources for self-learning. 🧠

Creating a fun learning environment for all computer science students! 💪

Feel free to reach out to me for more information! :)

Discord: jaccolantern

Instagram: jacc04

Aidan Nelson


Hi, Class of 2027! My name is Aidan Nelson. If elected, I will advocate for 4 main initiatives:

1. Introductory Industry Events 💼

o More events like the industry mixer, for you to interact with potential employers and start building a professional network

o Presentations from older students in co-op, where you can address questions and concerns regarding the co-op process

o More presentations from people working in the computer science industry, for you to learn about networking and other aspects of the transition into a professional environment

2. Peer Study Sessions 📖

o Small class specific study groups, led by an older student

o This will provide a place to get help on class material and study for tests, midterms, and exams

o A great place to meet new friends and see classmates on a regular basis

3. Increased Accessibility to Academic Resources 💻

o Information and Q&A sessions with upper year students prior to course registration, mainly for new first year students

o I will work to improve online resources to provide better accessibility to course information for computer science students

o This will make the course selection process much easier and understandable

4. More Fun Events! 🍿

o Regularly hosted events, where you can stop by, meet new people, or bring some friends

o These will include board game nights, movie nights, and video games

o Any other event suggestions are encouraged!

Most importantly, as a first-year representative, it is my responsibility to ensure all of you are heard. Please contact me with any suggestions, questions, or concerns you may have.


Discord: an21232

Instagram: aidan._nelson

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you around campus and at other events!


Aidan Nelson

Aires Zheng


Hello everyone, I’m Aires. As the former president of my high school coding club, I sure do love coding. I’m from Toronto, so I knew no one when I first came here, but I like to spontaneously greet random people, so if you have no one to say hi to, I’ll say hi to you.

In most of our conversations with new people, the question of ““What stream are you in?”” usually pops up, and many have not decided yet. I will hold workshops with upper years to share their experience in different streams and partner with other more specific CS-related clubs to allow a better understanding of different programming fields.

👩‍🏫Connect With Professors and Seniors👩‍🏫

Talking to professors and seniors can be intimidating, and sparking a conversation with them might feel unnatural. I will hold events to help you build connections with professors and upper years, and hopefully, they’ll become one of your references.

📚Academic Support📚

It can be confusing to figure out how to write notes for different classes and how to time manage, so I will hold events on different study techniques upper years have seen success in. No one explains a concept better than another student who already understands it. I will also organize study groups to help struggling students and to help you make new connections.

🤝Creating a More Welcoming Environment for Women🤝

At every CCSS meeting I have attended, there is an overwhelming amount of guys compared to girls. I will create a more comfortable environment for students who identify as a woman by inviting professors to chat about their professional careers and the obstacles they’ve come across as women. I will also partner with other women-related clubs to build an inclusive environment.

🍕Make New Friends🍕

Don’t fall into the computer science stereotype of spending all your time studying away and forgoing a social life! I will organize activities such as trivia, games, and movie night, and don’t worry, there will be food.

Come say hi! (or I’ll say hi to you) Instagram: @_.heiress._

Jaime Sexton


Hello! My name is Jaime Sexton, and I’m a first year student in Computer Science (if you’re reading this, you probably are too). I’ve been interested in computer science for many years, and I would like to become more involved with the CCSS by being a first year representative!

💻 Representing all first years in Carleton Computer Science 💻

Representing first years is a very important task that I would take seriously. As the voice of the first years in computer science, I would make sure to bring up issues you may have at CCSS meetings, and listen to every complaint.

Do you want to see an event happen? Contact me! All ideas are worth listening to, and I will do my best to make it happen.

Do you have issues you need solved? Let me know! Together we can figure out a solution.

📚 Study Sessions 📚

The switch from high school to university can be hard, especially if classes are tough. I plan to have regular study sessions for first year comp courses, which everyone can come to. These sessions would help everyone:

  • If you’re struggling, you can receive help from others
  • If you already have a decent understanding of comp courses, helping other students will get you involved in the community and solidify your understanding even more.

✏️ Events to make learning fun! ✏️

I will also host events intended to prevent cramming right before exams, by giving people incentive to do work regularly. These events will include

  • Kahoot
  • Puzzles based on relevant classwork
  • Games to get you working!

🎉 Fun in the community 🎉

It’s always fun to be involved in your community, but sometimes it can be hard or intimidating to talk to people. I would host events intended to bring the community together, and make it easier for students to get to know each other. These would also help you get to know the upperclassmen, and maybe even some professors. These could include:

  • Team building activities
  • Events that let you meet upper year students and professors
  • Group games
  • Friendly competitions!

I would also host events that are more chill, like movie nights, game nights (online and offline), and activities for you to hang out with your friends.

Don’t hesitate to contact me! You can reach me at strawbiejam on discord, or

Jensen Chen


Hello, my name is Jensen and I am hoping to become your first year representative. I would like to improve the community, academics, and internship side at Carleton CS.

🛎️Always willing to Network and Collaborate🛎️ (with great Friendliness👍):

You can always reach out to me if you would like to give me suggestions or collaborate with work. I am hoping to increase the activity of the Carleton community by hosting fun events where everyone could freely meetup.

📚Critical Group Study Sessions📚

I would host events where people within the same classes could attend to study and collaborate to get through important tests and assignments. During the events you could meet other students and elevate each other academically.

💵Internship & Job Experience Information Galleries💵

I would like to give students information through virtual galleries on gaining relevant coding experience and internship placements.

📝Project Development & Exhibition📝

In terms of getting internships, projects would be one of the most important things you would need. I will host a discord server where students and teachers could design and showcase projects.

😄A Friend😄

You can contact me almost anytime you like to study or just to hangout.

Discord: Jencena116

Instagram: jencena116


Veronica Mordvinova


Hello, fellow computer science first years! My name is Veronica Mordvinova, and I am very excited to run for the first-year representative position!

Before starting to talk about my plans for the upcoming year, and what I can do for you, let me tell you a little about myself, and the relevant experience that I have - that makes me the ideal candidate for the position

→ Experience representing the student body and their interests 2 years as secretary - student council

→ Experience planning events and organizing volunteers 3 years as a member of Key Club - 2.5 years as secretary

Now that you have that background, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of my platform!

1. Contacting, made easy

→ Issue: coming up to someone in a leadership position, outside of a formal context, may be intimidating to some people

→ Planned resolution

2. Want to know what is going on?

→ Issue: while the CCSS already has a couple of outlets that announce events, and provide reminders, not everyone uses platforms like Instagram and Discord often enough to reap the benefits of these reminders

→ Resolution

  • Shared Google Calendar - Google Calendar provides a visual representation of events, and provides the ability to receive reminders for events!
  • Newsletter - as a student, you should (hopefully) be checking your email often enough to reap the benefits of a condensed overview of upcoming events - in one email!

3. No prior experience, no problem

→ Issue: certain first year students may have no coding experience, or may feel like they don’t have the “right” experience to be successful in class, or for internship/co-op applications

→ Resolution

  • Workshops - providing a step-by-step guide to eliminate at least a bit of the guesswork
  • Online course reviews - most of you have probably seen various online courses, and have been wondering which ones are worth your time to take - I would love to save you some time, and to the searching for you!

4. Feeling alone? Not anymore

→ Issue: because university is an entirely new environment for most people, and certain students may have moved away from their hometowns - it may be an isolating experience

→ Resolution

  • Group study sessions - online, possibility of booking a group study room in the library
  • Fun social events - movie nights, speed-friending, coffee chats and more!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my platform, and I hope you have a great first year, regardless of who you end up voting for!