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CCSS General Election Platforms

Written By: Matthew MacRae-Bovell

The CCSS Elections for 2024-2025 have begun! We’re excited to announce that we have 12 candidates running for positions on the Board of Directors.

The Candidates are:


Director of Operations:

Director of Finance:

Director of Academics:

Director of Social:

Director of Industry Initiatives:

Director of Publications:

The Campaign Platforms:

Veronica Mordvinova - President

Hello everyone, I’m Veronica and I am running in hopes of being voted in as the CCSS President for the coming year!

As your president, the following is what I would hope to accomplish during my term:

☕Coffee Chats

Within the past year - I have noticed that having connections with professors, and even upper years is incredibly helpful. However, as it stands, getting those connections going is quite difficult. This is why I strive to create a viable coffee chat system.

The benefits?

  • Creating personal connections
  • Weekly/bi-weekly roster of participants
  • Continual system improvements - through user feedback

Improving the ✨Volunteer Experience✨

For those of you who are already involved with the CCSS, or have tried to get involved in the past - you know that the current volunteer experience is not ideal.

How I would like to improve the system:

  • Making use of the unique talents in our community
  • Making it easier to get involved
  • Improving volunteer engagement

📈Incubating Growth

In the past, not only were there presentations about how to grow by yourself, but there existed opportunities that incubated the community’s growth

As of right now, the only real opportunity that was present this year (not including over the summer) for people to be able to grow on a personal basis - was Hack the Tunnels.

What I’d like to see through in the next year:

Feedback ✨

As I have realized recently - there isn’t really a viable way for people outside of the board of directors to provide the society with feedback. As we are a departmental society representing over 2000 students, it would only be fair to have an opportunity to provide us with feedback that is accessible to everyone.

What I propose…

  • Feedback form - sent out after big events
  • Suggestion form - available on the website, for continuous integration

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform!

Want to learn more?

Contact me if you have any questions! Email:

Dylan Zhi Wei Yap - Director of Operations

I run for the CCSS BoD Operations position and write this manifesto with the same intent, keeping things “Short and Sweet”.

Keeping things brief and relevant: 0. About me - In Highschool and Pre-University College (outside of Canada), I have held positions on faculties, councils and clubs most notably President of Student Council, District Leader for the Red Crescent / Red Cross Association and Youth Camp Lead. I’ve actively competed in many STEM and Innovation based competitions with a side of Debating / Public speaking. Having experience in running and participating in events from competitions, workshops to various social events, I wish to bring and share my experiences into the CCSS.

When elected:

  1. Will ensure events hosted are more accessible events for everyone, on and off campus, study term and work term.
  • more Hackathons scaled Up and Down to cater for all experience levels
  • systematic study sessions for dire courses, midterms and finals
  • career and future talks, LinkedIn and Resume workshops and guides
  • social activities, rock climbing?!, gatherings, chill talks, good vibes, free food
  1. Will aim for more direct to consumer info about events that all CS students should know of and should take full advantage of. Currently only through Discord, monthly/bimonthly email, CCSS website and Instagram, events shared may sometimes be missed. Some events have participant caps that fill quicker than others. Being able to choose which events interest you, allow for more customization on what events we push for and advertise to you.

  2. Will strive to allow any CS Students, be it a frequent CCSS participant or anyone who just recently found out about the CCSS to be involved in more volunteering activities for the events hosted. Volunteering for events, making new friends and connections, socializing with the society, helping out the CS department in general and more.

  3. Will attempt in optimizing and cleaning internal processes for hosted events, in hopes for all students in CS to have a clearer view on how the CCSS runs things.

TL;DR - Your Interest = Our Events : Better Notifications : More Events, More Volunteers : Transparency in Events.

Everything I’ve mentioned, are experiences that I have had with the CCSS, and wish for everyone to be able to experience the same and more. Happy Voting!! You’ll see me either way, either as a volunteer, as a nominee next term, most probably both!!

If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to DM me on discord, username: dymon.

John Lu - Director of Operations

Hello, my name is John. I’m your current Social Director and former First Year Rep.

In my two years at the CCSS, I’ve hosted many events for our community, If elected, I will improve the behind-the-scenes operations of the CCSS to ensure a continued delivery of high-quality events and services to all computer science students.

☁️ Hosting a Balanced Variety of Events

We’ve had an imbalance of events in terms of the kinds of events. Academic vs social vs industry. If elected, I will ensure that we have a balanced mix of events that cater to all students.

  • Hosting industry initiatives like networking events with Solace or Kinaxis for students to connect with employers.
  • To alleviate study stress, let's organize games nights and movie nights!
  • More meaningful long-term projects would not only enhance students' skills but also enrich the CCSS community.

🙋‍♂️Improving Our Volunteer Experience

As of now, volunteers don’t have the best experience. They aren’t sure where they fit into the society? If elected, I will ensure that volunteers know how to involve themselves in a healthy and productive manner.

  • We'll match volunteers with experienced executives, so volunteers can dip their toes in some of our operations safely. Executives also gain mentorship opportunities.
  • Monthly feedback sessions from volunteers will be prioritized to gather input on how we can enhance our operations.
  • Let's diversify volunteer opportunities beyond just lounge duties. We're exploring roles such as announcement and logistics volunteers, allowing you to explore your interests and contribute in multiple ways.

⬆️ Scaling Up Events & Collabs

We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of events we’ve hosted this year. If elected, I will ensure that we have the resources and infrastructure to scale up our events and collaborations with other organizations.

  • Collabs would significantly boost attendance. Our events typically draw 20-30 attendees. My Cross-Club Potluck & Games Night garnered an attendance of up to 100 people.
  • Collaborations ensure better funding for our events. With each event usually allotted a mere $20 budget, pooling resources with other clubs allows us to afford prizes, equipment, and refreshments. For instance, Hack The Tunnels required a budget of $3000, which could have been less burdensome with contributions from other clubs.
  • Collaborations foster a stronger sense of community. By collaborating, we can create a vibrant community where students can engage in various activities beyond the CCSS.

🗓️ Planning Ahead of Time

As of now, events are only planned a few weeks in advance. If elected, I will ensure that we plan events at least a month in advance to ensure that we can deliver high-quality events to our community.

  • Planning ahead ensures that we secure event venues well in advance, giving us ample time to announce the location two weeks ahead.
  • Planning ahead will allow us to trust volunteer with more responsibilities such as room booking, poster creation, and presentation development

Feel free to message me on Discord (JohnLu2004)

Cameron Stirrup - Director of Finance

Hey everyone! My name is Cameron, and I’m excited to announce my candidacy for Director of Finance. With organization and financial efficiency at the front of my mind, I am eager to tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

More Active Discussion on Spending Practices

I believe in transparency and accountability when it comes to spending practices. That’s why I’m committed to fostering more active discussions within our community about how we allocate our funds. I will regularly seek input from members, listen to your concerns, and work collaboratively to ensure that our financial decisions align with the needs and priorities of our society.

Seeking New Funding Sources

Year after year, the CCSS strives to bring the student body bigger and better events. Those events inevitably rack up a sizeable bill. The university only guarantees us about $3000 per year. That’s nowhere near enough. I advocate for exploring diverse avenues of revenue generation. With me as Director of Finance, you can look forward to:

  • Food sales, which have been very successful across campus; who doesn’t love grilled cheese?
  • Expanding the availability of CCSS merch throughout the year; I for one am quite jealous of Matthew’s beanie.
  • Closer collaboration with the Science Student Society; we as science students pay them a sizeable levy of $12/year, but we don’t actually collaborate all that often. By working together, we can ensure our contributions are maximized for the benefit of all CS students.

Lounge Experience Improvements

I spend all my spare time on campus in the lounge. I know it’s an amazing space that we all love, but I also know it can be better. I’m committed to including our lounge as a solid budget point, and surveying our patrons to hear what YOU want out of the space that isn’t being offered.

Improving Financial Responsibility

By implementing clearer guidelines and procedures, we can ensure that managing our finances becomes more straightforward and less time-consuming for everyone involved. This includes transitioning away from outdated methods and embracing more efficient and sustainable solutions. This will include:

  • Better tracking of purchases
  • Faster reimbursement processes for volunteers
  • Improved allocation of funding; with an upcoming levy vote, proper fund management is crucial.

I’m overjoyed for this opportunity to serve as your Director of Finance and to work together to build a stronger and more financially sustainable student society. With your support, I’m confident that we can achieve great things. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to earning your vote!


Discord: @mrribcage

Ryan Chung - Director of Finance

Hey everyone! I’m Ryan, your current Director of Finance for the 2023-2024 school year!

In the past year, here is the impact I’ve achieved:

  • Additional funding through finding and researching different funds and their eligibility, enabling the CCSS to run large-scale events like Hack the Tunnels, and
  • Increased projected cash spending from $3,000 to $9,000 this year, providing the resources to organize more events, resources, and services for you!

If elected, here is what I plan to do:

1. Work with the Director of Industry Initiatives to secure more funding and company-sponsored events 🤝

To ensure that the CCSS’ resources scale with the increasing student body size, one of the avenues to explore is company-sponsored events, enabling us to run larger-scale events with potential networking opportunities.

2. Continue selling and expanding the inventory of hoodies, other merchandise, and lounge services 🏷️

If elected, I will ensure the sale of iconic CCSS merchandise, such as hoodies and new items. These fundraising efforts create more events and services for you.

3. Streamline the finance process and become more transparent with our budgets and sources of funding 💰

To ensure full transparency, I will upload our budgets on the CCSS website, allowing anyone to view and inquire about the budget, even after the General Meetings.

4. Create resources for future CCSS executives and other student clubs 📄

To enrich the Carleton CS student experience, I will create publicly available documents on funding sources available to student-led clubs, helping new clubs get off the ground and existing clubs increase the scale of their budgets and events. These resources will also ensure the generational transfer of funding knowledge to help future CCSS executives.

If you have questions about my platform, you can find me in the CCSS discord!

Benjamin Yu - Director of Academics

Hey everyone! My name is Ben, and I’m currently in 2nd year. Having already had 1 year of experience as your Director of Academics, I believe that I can help contribute to your academic success. Computer science is a hard program to get through, but I want to make YOUR life easier.

Here are some ideas I have to meet that goal:

Course-specific study groups

There are a lot of courses that could benefit from organized group study, and over the past year, I’ve helped run multiple study groups. Sometimes it really helps to have a place where everyone can come together and share their ideas in preparation for a test/assignment. This is something I plan on continuing throughout the academic year, and I would be open to organizing one as soon as there is enough demand.

Upper-year Panels

These panels would be a perfect chance for upper-year students to share any specific study tips, resources, and anything else about a certain course they’ve taken. Speaking from personal experience, I believe that this advice is extremely valuable - especially for new university students, but really for anyone taking any course.

Career Development Workshops

Knowing how to sell yourself is a key part in finding any job/co-op position. Creative resume writing, interview performance, and networking tips and workshops can all help. These will hopefully give you guys a head start on finding your all-important first job, and I’m sure we can all use a boost in these fields. The resume workshops I ran this past year were all big successes, and I’m hoping to get them going again.

While the above are some ideas I had for the year, YOU are still my main source of inspiration. Everything I mentioned above is open to your feedback, and I welcome any new suggestions or comments. This isn’t a one-man show: We’re in this together, so let’s make the best of our studies! You can reach me on Discord anytime with questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Let’s keep in touch!

Discord: i_am_yu

Instagram: ben.yk.yu


Aires Zheng - Director of Industry Initiatives

Hello everyone, I’m Aires! As your first-year representative, I have ran several events related to networking, and I look forward to boost my impact as the Director of Industry initiatives. As the first Director of Industry Initiatives, I will be expanding on the events I planned this year and more.

📝Resume Review📝

This year, I organized the first resume roast at the beginning of the year where I invited a graduate student with FANG experience as well as two other reviewers with startup experience to come in as resume reviewers. As the Director of Industry Initiatives, instead of having students as resume reviewers, I will be inviting recruiters and HR from tech companies to review your resumes.

👩🏻‍💻Industry Info Sessions👩🏻‍💻

Many students I’ve met have expressed their interest in cybersecurity but do not know what it entails, and how to get involved. So I invited the WICS chair, Melissa, who won first place in Ottawa for cybersecurity competitions (ICC and ECSC), to prepare a presentation on how students can learn from her coop and competing experience. I also invited an admin from the Cybersecurity club, Will, to go over the workshops that students can attend to learn cybersecurity hands-on. Next year, instead of just co-op students, I will host events with tech companies to allow you to learn more about industry opportunities, and network directly with the company to discover what they are looking for in candidates and get career advice. Look forward to chatting with representatives and panel events!

💻Workshops with Tech Companies💻

I will host collaborations with companies to host workshops for you to connect with industry professionals while also adding experience to your resume and discover different technologies.

I know students, especially in Computer Science, understand the importance of networking, but also how difficult it is to start and how much more accessible it becomes when clubs like CCSS organize these events. As your first-year rep, I enjoyed organizing networking-related events and look forward to doing so again next year!

Reach out to me on Instagram if you want to say hi!


Richard Kim - Director of Industry Initiatives


I’m Richard Kim, a 4th year in Honours BCS. Some of you may know me as this year’s VP, the COMP 2406 TA (from previous years), or a peer mentor at SSSC!

So, why me as Director of Industry Initiatives?

  • Already On It: As the current Student Ambassador at Nokia, I’ve been coordinating with Nokia recruiters to set up a networking event this September. For those eyeing the Co-op job board, you’ll know Nokia is one of the biggest employers. This event is your golden ticket to meet Nokia professionals and get insights that could be crucial as you apply for Co-op positions.

  • Not Just a One-Trick: Dispite only playing Darius top in League, it will not be a similar case here. I’ve been attending various networking events and have made connections with recruiters from companys other than Nokia as well. I will be trying to bring in various tech companys from Ottawa so everyone gets a chance to create those diverse connections.

  • Been There, Done That: As a senior (4th year), I’ve lived the Co-op hustle. Networking isn’t just useful; it’s essential. It’s all about connecting with the right person at the perfect time. I’m here to ensure that Carleton CS students have those opportunities.

  • Your Voice Matters: Got an idea for a fun networking event? I’ll be listening. This role is about making sure you get the most out of these opportunities, so I will be happy to hear your feedbacks and improve on them.

Feel free to contact me via email ( if you have any questions or want to discuss my platform! 👋

Richard Kim

Mary-Emma Barnhill - Director of Publications

Hey! I’m Mary-Emma, a third year Computer Science student with a minor in Professional Writing. I’ve volunteered at CCSS events in the past and have enjoyed attending their events since my first year at Carleton. Writing is a passion for me and I’m excited to combine my content creation experience from my Professional Writing minor with my love of computer science to help promote the CCSS.

As the Director of Publications, I would love to:

  1. Create content about upcoming and previous CCSS events. The CCSS hosts a wide range of events, which provides a great opportunity to share regular articles with details on upcoming events and summaries/photos from recent events. These articles will make it easier for students to find out about upcoming events they can attend and look back on what they’ve learned from past CCSS events.

  2. Compile and centralize resources for computer science students. We all know that university can be challenging, so I want to make it as straightforward as possible for Carleton CS students to access resources about topics such as succeeding in their courses, applying and interviewing for co op positions, and improving their GitHub and personal projects. Having these resources centralized with existing Carleton specific resources such as the Discrete Math Centre would allow for easy access (and one less website to remember!).

  3. Highlight excelling students from the Faculty of Computer Science. CS students make up one of Carleton’s largest programs, so I’d love to highlight the interesting things they’ve been getting up to! Features would include:

  • Exciting student research projects
  • TAs that go above and beyond
  • Interesting co op positions or projects
  • Any other students that are changing the face of computer science here at Carleton
These features will allow students within the Faculty of Computer Science and outside of it to see the great work that goes on here.

The goal of the Publications platform is improve your student experience as CCSS members, so I welcome any suggestions about what resources and content you want to see. Building this platform will be a collaborative effort, so I want to be continuously incorporating feedback to make it a success. Feel free to contact me on Instagram at mary_emmabarnhill or Discord at mary_emma#0146!

Rebecca Kempe - Director of Publications

Hello! My name is Rebecca, and I’m a 3rd year(ish) CS student. You may know me from your classes, from the Cybersecurity club, from CCSS events, or from seeing me hang out and answer questions in the CCSS Discord. I believe the CCSS could greatly expand on the resources it is offering to students and I think I’d be a great person to help make that happen. Overall, my goal is to help create a permanent archive of searchable content that could be accessed by students asynchronously.

Additionally, I have experience that would help me in the role of Director of Publications: I have been a copy-editor, layout designer, team lead, editor, and writer for various student publications. I have also published essays in some literary magazines and serve as a volunteer editor at Pencilhouse. You can find a sample of my writing here, adapted from the talk I gave at the CCSS Tech Talk Night last year.

Here are some ideas for articles/resources I would love to get off the ground:

  • An FAQ page for incoming first year students
  • A series of articles spotlighting different breadth elective choices, and possibly exploring certain minors
  • “Sh*t I wish I knew”, but as a blog series - a column where upper year students reflect on their experiences
  • A “How to get your first internship" series that goes over ideas for side projects, crafting a strong resume, networking advice, job application strategies, and interview tips
  • An archive of transcripts, summaries, and/or slides from CCSS talks and events
  • Interviews with faculty members, clubs, students and alumni doing computer science-related or adjacent activities
  • Custom-built interactive resources for learning introductory discrete math, for example games like this one.

Above all, I want to hear more about what kind of articles and resources you want, and I’m always down to answer questions or listen to concerns. Do you have a cool idea that isn’t represented here? Feel free to reach out to me on Discord, track me down in person (I’m often in the CCSS lounge), or email me at