Hello! Welcome to the CCSS Puzzle Quest! Throughout the next hour and a half, you’ll be working on 30 Questions, in 6 different categories!


To submit each challenge, fill out this google form for each question. Choose only the challenge you’re submitting!


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Treasure Hunt

For all of these challenges, take a selfie with your team at these locations! These will be manually validated and must include your entire team.

To upload images to the form, you’ll need to be signed into Google on your device!

  1. A Wall of CPUs (Herzberg)
  2. Jukebox (Nideyinàn)
  3. An Aircraft (McKenzie)
  4. Rainbow Road/Path (???)
  5. Circular Stair Case (Nicol)

Ciphered Journey

  1. Head to the campus card office and take a selfie in front of it. Keep note of the floor that the office is on.
  2. Alrighty, you have most likely received your campus card. You should probably explore your building a bit to get to know where all your fellow computer science students hang out. Head to Herzberg, and take a selfie in front of the sign. Make sure to take a selfie in front of the sign that has the building number on it, because the number is important, you want to keep a note of it.\
  3. You’ve met up with your fellow computer scientists, but now it’s time to get some work done. Head to the library and take a selfie in front of it. How many floors does the library have? You’ll want to keep a note of it!\
  4. Great work! Now this is where those numbers you kept a note of come in handy! Use those numbers to form one number, and add Hewlett-Packard in front of it. Or actually, the acronym. Once you figure it out, you can probably guess what you need to do.
  5. ???

Cryptic Codes

Have you ever heard of CyberChef? It might help with some of the challenges! Also, if you’re stuck, the Lock Picking room might be able to offer some hints.

  1. Hey Brutus, have you ever asked for PEBHGBAF on your salad? Remember, our alphabet doesn’t go ABCDEFG, it goes NOPQRST!
  2. 2 1 12 12 15 15 14 19
  3. Some times, using column to transpose using the key 42531 to determine: hst s tchw hrirwecias sstw tcaww hirweesias
  4. Traveling is fun. Especially when you have WOA AFRFS FSBKT FERA LE. Then taking the Rail and seeing a Fence will make it a fullfilling journey!
  5. What’s the city that I’m thinking of? Find out in the Lock Picking room!
  6. I’m So Meta, Even This Acronym

Music Madness

  1. What song is playing during the Puzzle Quest intro?
  2. What is the First Song in Music Room?
  3. What is the Second Song in Music Room?
  4. What is the Third Song in Music Room?
  5. What is the Fourth Song in Music Room?

Odd Ends

  1. Escape Room You can find this room in Paterson Hall 215
  2. Find the lock picking challenge in Canal Building 2400. Everyone on your team must pick a lock!
  3. Hidden Code in Music Video Room (Loeb C164)
  4. Number of Chairs in the Athlectic Building?

Trivia Questions

  1. What is the old name of Richcraft Hall?
  2. What is the structure in the middle of Herzberg?
  3. What do Carleton Students call the Groundhogs at Carleton?
  4. What structure is located on the top of Herzberg?
  5. Who was Mike Place (Grad Bar) is named after?

Secret Task

  1. Someone is acting kinda sus at this event. He left this code behind. Maybe its a clue for your task?
  • Cfka Sfzqlo, Qeb Ibxabo lc qefp Bsbkq, pljbtebob zxjmrp xka qbii efj: F clrka vlr! Shift of 3