Hey everyone, Forest here!

It’s almost time for the Autumn of Rust 🍂🦀! This is a (free) student-run course that I just taught over the summer, and I’m bringing it back for the fall semester!

I wanted to run this course since there are several concepts in the Rust language that we don’t (currently) learn in courses at Carleton. This includes a lot of topics in:

  • language safety (begone segfaults!)
  • concurrency (what if threading wasn’t scary? 👻)
  • functional programming (iter().filter().map()…).

Ferris the Rust Mascot

Meet Rust’s mascot, Ferris!

I also do a lot of work in the Rust world too! I’m a lead of the Rust Gamedev Working Group, I work on a flagship Rust game called Veloren, and I help to organize the Cross Team Collaboration Fun Times (CTCFT) meetup. Rust has a great ecosystem, and I’d love to share it with you!

To join in on this course, you’ll find the registration link at the bottom of this Notion document, along with a lot of other useful information.

Hope to see you this Autumn!

  • Forest