The logo of the Carleton Computer Science Society
The CCSS strives to be a transparent and accessible organization for all Carleton University computer science students and community members.

Our Constitution

The CCSS Constitution defines the basic rules that the Society must abide by to remain in control of its assets, dissolution and operation procedures for the Society. We are required to hold a general meeting to change this document.

Code of Conduct

The CCSS aims to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment in our lounge space and at our events. Individuals participating in any CCSS event, activity or service are all expected to follow the outlined document.

Our Electoral Code

The CCSS Electoral Code outlines the timeline, structure, and rules of a Carleton Computer Science Society (“CCSS”) election.

Our Rules of Operation

The rules of operation are rules that the board of directors can change during a meeting as long as the society members are notified.

CCSS Officer Mandates

The CCSS Board of Directors consists of the Elected Directors and Appointed Officers. Every position has its own list of expectations and responsibilities known as a mandate.

CCSS Discord Rules

The CCSS Discord server is a community for all Carleton Computer Science Society members. It is a place to discuss and share ideas, ask questions, and get help. The rules of the Discord server are outlined below.