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As a Year Representative, you will get to talk in front of your classes about upcoming CCSS events. Your job is to inform students about the society and provide us with feedback from students. Perfect for students who want to know about our events and strengthen their public speaking skills.
Note: This position is not to be confused with the First Year Representative position. First Year Representatives are members of the Board of Directors and will be elected in September.


As a Lounge Volunteer, you will hold office hours in the lounge (HP 4135) for 1-2 hours a week. Feel free to chill in the lounge and office during this time, while printing the occasional document for students and assisting with our other services. You can also help with lounge maintenance. Perfect for students who want to volunteer on a scheduled weekly basis.


As an Events Volunteer, you will get to help us organize, set up, and/or run social or academic events.

Perfect for students who want to meet new people and help out in various ways.


As a Web Designer, you will get to contribute to the development of the CCSS website, and collaborate with the rest of the web design team to work on projects throughout the year. You will be expected to attend regular web design team meetings. Perfect for students who want to practice/learn skills in web development.


As a Photographer, you will get to record the activities of the CCSS by capturing photos at our events. The photos you take may be posted on our social media afterwards to document the events. Perfect for students with a passion for photography who want to get involved.


As a Writer, you will get to help us grow the content on the CCSS website by writing articles on a variety of topics. You could write a recap of a recent event, a list of tips for success in CS, a review of your new laptop, etc. Your article will be posted on our website and featured in our email newsletter, after passing a screening from one of the members of the Board of Directors. Perfect for students who want to use their voice to impact their peers and the society in a positive manner.


Did we forget something? Do you have an awesome skill you'd like to share with our team? let us know! We'd love to hear from you.