Lab and Study Space Concerns

The CCSS is aware of the lab and study space concerns many of you are having and we’re going to make sure your voices are heard! We have scheduled a meeting with the School of Computer Science on January 3rd, 2017 where we plan to bring up all of your comments. To ensure we don’t forget anything, please write down any comments or concerns you have in this document and we will do our best to fix it.

Some concerns we plan to address:

  • More Lab and Study Spaces: Quite and/or collaborative study spaces that do not hold tutorials during the day.
  • Bigger CCSS Lounge: A social space for students to meet other CS students, hang out in between classes and use the resources that the CCSS provides.
  • Better Academic Services: Create study groups, a mentorship program or other system to ensure students get the academic support they need. Also figure out a system for students looking for tutoring services.

Elisa Kazan
President of the Carleton Computer Science Society

Elisa Kazan

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