• Hi There!

    I am a 3rd year student in the mobile stream and an LTE software developer intern at Ericsson. I’m energetic, outgoing and love to get involved with events and CS outreach. Tea > Coffee.

    Elisa Kazan
    president elisa.kazan@ccss.carleton.ca
  • Hi There!

    I’m a 3rd year student in the computer & internet security stream. I’m also a software developer intern at Shopify. All that to say, I love computer science and the computer science community.

    Jack McCracken
    Vice-President jack.mccracken@ccss.carleton.ca
  • Hi There!

    I’m a 2nd year student the game development stream. I like things such as video games and poutine. Over the summer, I worked at Carleton in the GIGL lab. I also like photography and VFX.

    Forest Anderson
    VP Social forest.anderson@ccss.carleton.ca
  • Hi There!

    I am a fourth year student in the algorithms stream (no longer offered :( ). I like making music and competing in programming competitions.This is going to be a great year so make sure to get involved and have lots of fun!

    Matt Diener
    VP Academics matt.diener@ccss.carleton.ca
  • Hi There!

    I'm in the business systems stream. I’ve done a great deal of volunteer work pertaining to the lounge and technical resources. Coffee is what keeps me going.

    Andrew Morris
    Treasurer andrew.morris@ccss.carleton.ca