Come hangout with other CS students and enjoy our free high speed wifi and ethernet!

Our lounge is open to all students 24/7, located at HP 4135. The office is located inside and is open from 9:00am-5:00pm.


Textbooks are expensive so why not share them? The CCSS now has a library which anyone can borrow from. We have a wide selection of books including discrete structures, Java, calculus and so much more! Please make sure to return the books when you’re done with it. If you have book you would like to donate, email us at with the subject “Textbook Donation”.


We have free printing for all CS students. Just email the printer at for single sided printing or for double sided printing, and get one of the volunteers in the office to print it for you.


We have a Keurig machine in the office and coffee is free for all CS students, just bring a mug! Don’t worry we also sell cups at 25 cents each.


Board games? Video games? Card games? We have it all. Check out our selection here.


The microwave is in the lounge and always accessible. It is provided as a courtesy by the society so please keep it clean!


Yes we have office supplies! You are more than welcome to borrow them as long as you bring them back.