As a society we try our best to be as open as we can be. This page contains links to all the important information regarding our goveranance.

Our constitution

The CCSS Constitution defines the basic rules the Society must abide by to remain in control of its assets and dissolution and operation procedures for the Society. We need to hold a general meeting to change this document. You can find it here

Our rules of operation

The rules of operation are rules that the board of directors can change within a meeting as long as the society membership is notified. You can find them here

Our electoral code

The CCSS Electoral Code outlines the timeline, structure, and rules of a Carleton Computer Science Society (“CCSS”) election. You can find it here

The board of directors

The CCSS board of directors is a group of both elected and appointed individuals in charge of managing the CCSS. For a list of the people on the board of directors and vacancies look here.