2018 General Elections

The nomination period for the 2018 CCSS General Election is over! Here are the confirmed nominees:

President nominations

Elisa Kazan

A few goals for the coming year are to ensure computer science students are aware of all the opportunities and events that are happening on and off campus (aka knowing when to apply for those awesome hackathons and conferences!). Provide a wide range of resources for students (study spaces, printing, technical interview prep) that are easily accessible. A bigger lounge area would be nice too! Build a stronger community and CS pride through the creation and distribution of CCSS merchandise. Connect with other groups and societies on campus to create bigger and better events. Continue improving the End of Year BBQ, reaching out to alumni making it even bigger next year.

Vice President nominations

Aidan Crowther

If elected, I intend to expand upon the services and opportunities provided to members and volunteers of the CCSS, while also striving to improve our outreach and accessibility to students. I intend to do so by working in key areas such as: Improving upon, and maintaining our rewards system for volunteers and board members, including our offering of CCR credit for these positions. I also intend to expand our offered learning opportunities by working closely with our VP Academics in order to ensure that we can offer as much high quality and valuable material as possible. Improving our outreach and availability to students is also one of my goals, with the hopes that we can attract more of our members to events, as well as making our doings and information more easily accessible and understood. I intend to do this by working closely with the President and other VPs in order to ensure that all tasks and responsibilities are met, and dealt with accordingly, while also assisting in any way possible, while also keeping the views and opinions of our members in mind.

VP Social nominations

William So

As VP Social, I will take on the responsibility of communicating CCSS news, events, and other important information to our members, through social media such as Facebook and Slack, and through email newsletter. With these open lines of communication, I will encourage the CCSS members to attend our events. I also plan to organize many social get- togethers, such as regular coffee socials and movie nights, as well as social outings such as The Loft.

VP Academics nominations

Forest Anderson

I will start off the year with a tech talk during the Week of Awesome. I will run workshops about useful technologies and technical skills. I plan on working closely with the Ottawa Game Development Collective, as well as hack.carleton.

Jeremy Tian

I will ensure the voices of students are heard at university meetings, host spectacular extracurricular academic events for CS students, and guarantee effective academic support workshops.

Treasurer nominations

Benjamin Karstad

As treasurer, I will strive for improved communication with members and what they want to see funded in the future, transparency of the budget and where funds are allocated, coordination with third parties to sponsor events, and ensuring economical spending of allocated funds and minimizing wastefulness.